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Golf Groups

Ladies' Golf Groups

The Ladies Golf Association governs and organizes all ladies golf programs including Ladies Day, Ladies Night Out, Lady Niners and various other ladies golf events. This association brings ladies together who share the same interests, activities and hobbies.

The LGA helps ladies experience the game of golf allowing beginners a great way to start learning the game and provide organized events and make it easy to find a playing partners for already experienced golfers.

The Lady Niners is a great opportunity for lady beginning golfers to learn the complete game of golf. It is designed to help ladies of similar skill levels improve their game in group sessions on instruction, rules, golf terms, and participate in friendly, low pressure rounds of golf (maximum of 9 holes) while meeting other members. The Niners meet twice a month in the evening from April through October.

Men's Golf Groups

Once you join Ironwood we can easily find you a game or group to join giving you a great opprotunity to meet other members and enjoy the course.

If you are a senior golfer, you can enjoy our weekday morning group, the "Ironmen". If you like to travel and compete, you can become a player on our Championship Senior Travel Team. The traveling seniors compete in team and individual competitions against other clubs in the area. Our Men's Shoot Out group plays at noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and most holidays. All groups promote fun competition and comradery amoungst members. 

We host monthly events for two person competitions with prizes for net and gross scores. In addition, Men's Night Out, a team event, is held 2 nights per month and includes 9 holes of golf, prizes and dinner. Members can sign up individually or as a team as we encourage members to bring guests.


Junior Golf Program

Ironwood has an active Junior Golf Program. The golf staff organizes junior golf activities including free clinics, summer travel team and golf camps throughout the year. For more information, contact the golf shop.

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